Emotional management in the nonprofit sector

Today I share with you a chapter from my book Community Heroes. At the end of this chapter, I’ll share a few thoughts and personal insights about it and discuss what inspired me to write this specific chapter.

People say that I don’t promote my book enough. This is very true. However, if I truly value myself and the content that I have produced over the years (including my book), it is my responsibility to share it with the world instead of waiting for people to miraculously discover it. It’s time to be proud of my work.

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Behavioral Economics #3: Change

Change happens very slowly, then all at once. This seems to have been the case for behavioral economics as well. However, behavioral economics was far too isolated. In order to create the paradigm shift in the profession, it had to get out there and prove its worth to the world. It not only had to become respected by traditional economics, but also had to convince psychologists to join the team.

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