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Credit:  Kaboompics

Credit: Kaboompics


I thought it would be convenient to make a collection of the most useful resources that could come in handy, both from this blog and from other places on the Interwebs. Podcasts, guides, blog posts; you name it. I'll be continually updating this as time progresses, so make sure to check this page once in a while for new goodies. If you think I'm missing something or have a suggestion for additional resources, please get in touch with me via the social links at the bottom of this (and every other) page.

Note: None of these companies are sponsors or provide me with any type of financial compensation. I'm simply sharing them because I think they're useful.

  • Amazon Smile. If you frequently shop on Amazon, please remember to purchase your goods via Amazon Smile so that a portion of your purchase goes to charity. Here's how you set it up. (Note: You would be a true hero if you supported the organization that I work for, namely the North End Community Improvement Collaborative. Thanks!)

  • Step-by-step guide to becoming a podcast listener

  • My personal podcast recommendations

  • Discounts to some really cool and useful companies (via the Art of Charm) and here via This Week In Tech.



  • The Art of Charm toolbox. These guys are great teachers of social and relationship skills, confidence, and all other things personal development (both for men and for women!) even though my favorite host Jordan Harbinger has now left them to start his own show.

  • The Behavioral Table of the Elements by Chase Hughes. An extremely powerful tool to help you decipher the true message behind people's non-verbal communication.

  • Enhancv, a great company that makes your CV look the best and most effective for whatever job you're looking for.

  • Courses on verbal self-defense and power dynamics by Kasia Urbaniak.

  • On this Sex With Emily podcast episode, Heather Jeffcoat talks the importance of pelvic floor health for both genders. The part that I think is particularly important is when she talks about the changes to the pelvic floor muscles for women that have given birth (both vaginally and through c-sections), how this impacts their sex lives, and how this is (lamentably) almost universally ignored. It was extremely educational, which is why I decided to include it on this resource list. A very useful resource especially for recent mothers.

  • Looking for a book to read? This list from the Art of Charm is a good place to start and here's my book list.