I was born and raised in the Netherlands to Nigerian parents. I followed the IBMYP program in the Netherlands before moving to the United States at age 16, where I completed high school via the IBDP program. At age 19, I returned to my country of birth to attend Erasmus University Rotterdam for my Bachelor's Degree and moved to Denmark for my Master's Degree after that (see below).

It was during my Master's studies, and after reading Jason Saul's great book "The End of Fundraising: How to Raise More by Selling Your Impact", that I discovered my interest in the subjects of economic empowerment and community development. These areas happened to be the perfect mixture between my interests and my academic expertise.

I now realize that the best way to change the world is to stop thinking about being a life-changing global hero and instead give everything you have to improving your community. We all want to be one but, as that great song by The Heavy goes, "this ain't no place for no hero."

We don't have to wait for Prime Ministers, Presidents, or Chancellors to save us; the power lies in our hands and in our communities. Because you can't change your community, or the world, without getting your hands dirty.



[Insert new title] at The North End Community Improvement Collaborative (Mansfield, Ohio)

November 2018 - Present

After my 1-year term as an AmeriCorps VISTA member at the North End Community Improvement Collaborative, I was hired full-time as ...

AmeriCorps VISTA at The North End Community Improvement Collaborative (Mansfield, Ohio)

November 2017 - November 2018

I served as an AmeriCorps VISTA member for 1 year, specializing in Workforce Development, at the North End Community Improvement Collaborative

I was responsible for establishing Individual Development Accounts (IDA) for low-income individuals, developing strategic partnerships with community partners and local businesses, setting up an Employer Resource Network (ERN), building relationships with the community through print and online media publications, internal data collection and measurement, recruiting volunteers, and assisting with the writing of grant applications.

I learned so much during my time as an AmeriCorps VISTA that I wrote a book about it! Click here to find out more about that.

Launched my own blog!

December 2016 - Present

I finally mustered the courage to launch my personal blog where I write about personal development, economics, and, frankly, anything that I think will be useful to people. I enrich my posts with references to videogames, quotes from shows like Dragonball Z, and other odd throwbacks. At the end of the day though, I hope that my writing will help people live better lives.

Click the button at the top of the page to read my blog.

Writer and Comments Moderator at Juventus SB Nation "Black & White & Read All Over"

January 2014 - Present

I write regular articles for the "Black & White & Read All Over" website about all things related to Juventus Torino FC. I am part of a group of writers on this blog and I also moderate comments. My blogging name is "Chuks A." I started writing regular posts since 2016 but wrote various guest posts in 2014 and also started moderating comments since that time.

I used to write reviews of Juventus matches, but now I solely write monthly opinion-posts (unoriginally called "Monthly Juventus Thoughts") which are usually less formal and more creative. In the 2017 calendar year, our blog received over 3 million page views. Click here to find all the content I've written for the website.

Front Desk & Escort at Ohiohealth Mansfield Hospital (Mansfield, Ohio)

April 2018 - Present

I volunteer at the front desk of the hospital lobby. I escort patients (sometimes in wheelchairs and/or transport chairs) to their rooms and direct visitors to the correct location in the hospital of the patients that they are visiting.

Event Organizer for Techstars Startup Weekend Mansfield (Mansfield, Ohio)

March 2018 - September 2018

I was part of the Organizing Committee for the very first Startup Weekend Mansfield event. This is a 54-hour event in which participants pitch business ideas, work on them in teams over the weekend, and eventually present a prototype to a panel of judges in order to win prizes.

I helped arrange food, coffee, and drinks for the event. I also helped with marketing and outreach, including writing blog posts for local media and doing community outreach to encourage people to attend.

Content Translator at NiceHair DK (Esbjerg, Denmark)

February 2016 - June 2017

I was responsible for translating blog posts into Dutch for the company's Dutch-speaking market segment. I was also responsible for managing the Facebook and Instagram accounts for the Dutch market and proofreading e-mail newsletters to ensure that they were grammatically correct. Lastly, I helped in creating Google AdWords campaigns.

During my time at the company, our newsletter subscribers increased from approximately 3,700 to 6,000 subscribers and Facebook likes from 640 to 840 (all for the Dutch market).

I further developed my understanding of working in professional settings with different groups of people, but this time in an environment in which I didn't speak the first language fluently (Danish). I also learned about the dynamics of collaborating with different departments, especially in terms of understanding who to go to for different problems, and taking responsibility for the outcomes of tasks (both good and bad) that I performed.



English: Mother Tongue

Dutch: Mother Tongue

Spanish: Fluent

Danish: Elementary proficiency


Master's Degree

MSc Sports and Event Management, Economics and Business Administration @ University of Southern Denmark, Campus Esbjerg.

Graduated October 2017.

Bachelor's Degree

BSc International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics @ Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Graduated July 2015; Summa Cum Laude.

Exchange Program

As part of my Bachelor's degree, I spent 5 months at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Madrid, Spain.

I took 2 Spanish-language courses and 2 English-language courses.





Football (soccer) and tennis.

Economic empowerment.

Linguistics and cultural studies.

Community development and nonprofit work.

Behavioral economics and applying the theory to social development programs.

Marvel, DC, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kingdom Hearts, and all that other stuff that, according to society, adults aren't supposed to like.