Resources for female entrepreneurs, freelancers, and more

Credit:    Kaboompics

Credit: Kaboompics

It was another one of those days where I was aimlessly wandering around my Google Analytics page. This time though, I dug a little deeper into the statistics and characteristics of my audience (I can just feel your judgment through the pixels of your screen). Quite interestingly, I found that the vast majority of my audience is, according to Google, male.

It made me think a little: what am I doing/writing in my blog posts to specifically help my (dwindling) female audience? 'Not much' was the answer that I came up with, which is probably one of the various reasons that I have such a small female audience (plus the fact that they probably just have better things to do with their time).

With that preamble out of the way, here are some useful resources that I could find on the Interwebs for female entrepreneurs, freelancers, and just any other badass woman out there. I haven't listened to or read all of these resources given that I mostly heard about them via recommendations or research. Nevertheless, I'm sure that I barely even scratched the surface of how much there is out there, so take this as just a starting point.

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  1. The podcast Motherbirth. This podcast involves "candid conversations about birth and deep exploration of what it means to become a mother... with the vision of helping women explore and tell the stories of their experiences of motherhood. " I heard about it via my absolutely favorite Internet person Chase Reeves as he mentioned it a few times on his own podcast because his wife is one of the hosts. The topic of the show sounds truly fascinating so I have no doubt that it will be enlightening stuff!

  2. The She Did It Her Way podcast and blog by Amanda Boleyn. Check out Amanda's content if "you’re not fulfilled, you wake up every morning wondering if there is more to this thing called work; you wonder if this is how it is supposed to be [and] people make you think you’re crazy for wanting to start a business but you can’t help but listen to that little voice inside of you that tells you there IS more.."

  3. The Courage and Clarity podcast by Steph Crowder. Similar to Amanda Boleyn's podcast, Steph interviews female entrepreneurs that are succeeding in their respective fields after walking away from the stereotypical "corporate" world. It's a very entertaining podcast and a good way of finding other female trailblazers.

  4. Women Who Tech. A nonprofit organization that aims to "bring together talented and renowned women breaking new ground in technology to transform the world and inspire change."

  5. The five top podcasts for women in tech in addition to Tech Ladies, which is a community that helps women find jobs in tech.

  6. The 22 most influential women in podcasting. This is not necessarily promotion for those women (if they made it onto such a list, I doubt they need it), but it's more so that you can check out their podcasts to see if you like their stuff.

  7. The Rising Tide Society. "A movement dedicated to the people it serves, Rising Tide Society focuses on building community locally and transforming not only the creative industry, but also the world." This community is for both men and women, but I thought this would be a good time to throw it on. RTS places community over competition in the world of entrepreneurship because this journey can be an awfully lonely one...

  8. Startup Pregnant. An elegantly named blog, podcast, and upcoming book about "what it means to grow businesses and babies."

  9. On this Sex With Emily podcast episode, Heather Jeffcoat talks the importance of pelvic floor health for both genders. The part that I think is particularly important is when she talks about the changes to the pelvic floor muscles for women that have given birth (both vaginally and through c-sections), how this impacts their sex lives, and how this is (lamentably) almost universally ignored.

  10. Courses on verbal self-defense and power dynamics by Kasia Urbaniak.

  11. The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women. The Internet can be an absolutely horrific place for women. The abuse they receive through social media is some of the most disgraceful stuff I’ve ever seen in my life, so women need to be informed and equipped on how to safely navigate the treacherous world of the Internet. The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women, written by women for women “with the intention of empowering women to navigate the internet without fear. We discuss common occurrences in which women are subject to harassment in their daily lives – on social media, at work, while dating, and more – and give tips and advice on how women can take control.” Shout out to Jackie for this suggestion!

Most of these podcasts/blogs/communities have links to other great resources for women (especially #2, #3, and #6), so make sure to check every one of them to much more than just these few bullet points!

See you, Space Cowboy.