10 Things you should be doing instead of reading this blog

Credit: Kaboompics.com

Credit: Kaboompics.com

Yes, the title and the upcoming post are tongue-in-cheek. As you know I like to mix up the type of content that I write on this blog to keep people engaged. Nevertheless, I hope you find some truth and use in this short but sweet blog post.

1. Launch your account on Quora and start answering questions there. With all this #deletefacebook anger going on, Quora seems like a far better alternative to Zuckerberg's "we've let you down and we should do better" platform.

2. Speaking of Facebook, if you are going to keep using that platform then for the love of God clean up your account. Get rid of embarrassing content on your profile and reclaim your social media sanity by removing negativity from your feed.

3. Listen to the Jordan Harbinger Show!

4. TED Talks are in full flight in 2018 with a series of typically brilliant and engaging speeches delivered by a variety of experts in their fields. Here are the best ones of 2018 so far.

5. Update that skeleton of a LinkedIn account of yours that you haven't touched in months/years.

6. Sign up to Audible, get an e-reader (a Kindle, a Nook, a Kobo), or buy a physical book. Whatever you need to start reading, just do it! Here's my book list.

7. Subscribe to and become a paying member of your local newspaper. As obsessed as you might be with a certain President's nonsensical tweets, do you actually have an idea of what's going on in your community? It's probably more important to be informed of the issues going on in your local community so I strongly suggest you get a paid subscription to your local newspaper.

8. Start keeping an idea journal for yourself.

9. Go for a walk in your neighborhood. No phone, no music, no distractions. Just... walk and observe your surroundings. You'll be surprised by how therapeutic this can be.

10. Get into the habit of having no exposure to screens (smartphone, laptop, TV, tablets etc.) at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. Screen time before going to bed is very bad for your quality of sleep.

That's all folks! Now get outta here and put these ten tips to action!

See you, Space Cowboy.