Ten useful things to do while you wait for the next blog post

Credit:    Kaboompics

Credit: Kaboompics

Yes, I have run out of ideas for titles. You know, writing headlines is far harder than you might think and much more difficult than it looks. I learned that the hard way.

Anyway, here are ten quick things you can do to add some good stuff to your life while you wait for the next blog post (which will be part 3 of the Writing Guide!).

  1. Watch a documentary about a topic that you would normally never think about or be interested in. Given that I'll be writing about this in the near future, I recommend the "Jiro dreams of sushi" on Netflix (thank you to Chase Reeves for the recommendation). This was honestly one of the most beautiful documentaries I've seen in a long time and I just cannot stop raving about it. An absolute work of art.

  2. 5-minute journal practice. C'mon, if we're gonna do this writing guide thing properly, we're gonna have to do the work for it. Your 5-minute journal practice is one of the important steps in getting the maximum benefit from the guide.

  3. Actually get 8 hours of sleep today and every day. Seriously, do this. The "trick" is to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Also, drink a glass of water when you wake up. This is a million times better than drinking coffee.

  4. Make a Quora account and check the website at least once a day. It's a fantastic resource for fascinating, free information. Granted, sometimes the questions (and answers) are a tad sketchy, but if you follow the right people and topics you can get some great insights.

  5. Keep your mindset in check. Try to actually keep track of how many times you are negative about something completely mundane that you really don't need to be so upset about (e.g. someone not calling you back when he/she said he/she would). Remember, you can't win at life if you're losing your mind.

  1. Remember to check and track your finances! The end of the month is near! (Note: for some inexplicable reason, Squarespace doesn't allow the simple function of continuing numerical lists after an interruption. So yes, I did notice and yes, I can count).

  2. Remember to keep your System 1 in check. Forgot about that one, didn't you?

  3. How is your "Benjamin Franklin" daily routine working out? I hope it's going well, but don't give up if it's a bit difficult in the beginning. You can do this.

  4. Don't forget about your passions. They're too important to give up or compromise on.

  5. Learn a new language. I'm just joking mate, calm down. Then again, I'm not stopping you if you really wanna do it.

Bonus: Go to a Meetup this week. I don't care what type of event it is, I don't care where you do it, I don't care who you do it with, just try it out. It's just one little event.

The next part of the writing guide is coming up within the next few days, so stay tuned and make sure to check up on the earlier parts!

See you, Space Cowboy.