Your home is smarter than you are, TVs that are bigger than the galaxy, and more fun stories.

Credit:    Kaboompics

Credit: Kaboompics

Since my previous blog post about high school was pretty heavy and emotional, I thought it would be nice to mix it up with something lighter to lighten the mood. What follows is a compilation of a few fun and interesting stories in the news that will hopefully liven up your day or at least teach you something useful. 

Your home is smarter than you are

Much smarter. The recent CES convention, held every year in January in Las Vegas, was dominated by smart-home connected devices. There were all kinds of funky products like smart mirrors:

Plus slightly weirder products like smart toilet seats. Yes, toilet seats that are not only smart but can also warm your feet and buttocks, set mood lighting, and turn on music as you relieve yourself, all at the mere command of your voice. Only humans could turn an activity that is so stereotypically unsavory into a pure luxury. The future is now, my friends:

If this didn't impress you, make sure to read about the smart bathtub, smart shower, smart toothbrush, and smart... everything quite frankly.

Big, bigger, humongous

I like a good TV. It's one of the few things in my life that I'm somewhat materialistic about. However, the level of materialism in the TV industry is about to reach stratospheric heights as Samsung recently revealed plans for its new – wait for it –  146-inch TV. This monster of a TV (3.78m) is aptly called "The Wall" and promises blast a hole through not only your retinas but also your bank account.

But hey, if you need an idea for a Valentine's Day/birthday/Christmas gift, don't tell me I didn't help you.

Netflix, $100 billion, and Juventus

Most of you are probably Netflix users (as am I). It's a wonderful service with some absolutely fantastic content that you can probably barely get through because it's so much!

Clearly, a lot of people like Netflix as the company enjoyed a record year of subscriptions and consequently saw its stock market value surge past the $100 billion mark.

Even more exciting than that is the fact that Netflix will, for the very first time, release a football documentary! Not only that, but through some absurd stroke of coincidence, the documentary will cover my very own beloved team Juventus! Besides the fact that this is simply freakin' amazing, it is a fascinating experiment by the booming company as this will be the first time it ventures into sport/football in such a way.

Whatever the case, I'm very excited to see how this turns out! Forza Juve!

My feet are killing me!

Last but not least, a very entertaining podcast episode by one of my favorite shows Freakonomics about...feet? Yep, an unusual topic given the name of the show itself but a very enlightening one nonetheless. 

In the episode, they trace the evolution of the shoe; starting from why, tens of thousands of years ago, they were created in the first place to how humans have now added all kinds of fancy features to them that, despite their glamor, are actually terrible for our bodies.

They also touch on the interesting fact that it's much healthier for our feet and overall posture to wear shoes less frequently and even try to walk barefoot more often.

If that didn't tickle your fancy, I don't know what will.

That's a wrap!

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