Challenger’s Week: Let’s play a game

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Message from the future here (or as Cave Johnson from Portal 2 would say, chariots chariots! Just listen till 3:20). I'm reposting an older blog post today because unfortunately I'm too busy right now (and for the next few weeks) to post original content. Nevertheless, I think this should keep you occupied until I'm free again to dedicate some quality time to writing some quality content. Remember: the only way to make progress is to take action instead of waiting for others to tell you to do so. Bonne chance!

I’m experimenting with different types of blog posts these days, so it’s time to try something new again! Since taking action is one of the core foundations of this blog, I want to challenge you to a game this time around instead of just endlessly throwing words at you.

It’s simple: choose one of the following sets of actions, which are based on the topics discussed here since I first launched my blog, and implement it in your life for one week. Just one week to see how it goes. Simple, no? Well, without further ado, Happy Hunger Games!

  • Start a thought journal or blog and write something in it everyday. It doesn’t matter if it’s one sentence or a paragraph: just write something daily.


  • Start following a new blog and/or sign up to their newsletter. I recommend checking, which is a great place to find some quality writers.


  • Listen to at least one (new?) podcast episode this week. If you have an Apple device, just go to the iTunes store. If you have an Android device, I suggest the Stitcher, Spotify, or Soundcloud apps.


  • Finally deal with the colossal disaster that is your e-mail inbox. Vanquish all those useless mails that are rotting away in your inbox already and reach the Promised Land of inbox-zero. C’mon, you can’t tell me that you enjoy seeing “500 unread mails” every time you open up your mail…


  • Order a new book and start reading it. You obviously don’t have to finish it in a week, but at least start it and commit to a regular reading schedule. Choose whatever genre you like; from Artemis Fowl, to Freakonomics, to His Dark Materials. It’s up to you!


  • Take away 20 minutes you spend on social media every day and watch a Ted Talk instead. The last one I watched was this extraordinary story of Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger. (Sidenote: I like how Tom took the effort to pronounce Thordis’s correctly. It’s such a little gesture, but I think it’s very thoughtful).


  • Identify one wasteful/unproductive habit in your daily routine and eliminate it.


  • Start keeping a to-do list.


  • (Re)watch all 291 episodes of Dragonball Z. Just kidding.


  • Find out what local charities or non-profits are around in your neighborhood and reach out to one of them.


  • Reread the previous point because I’m pretty sure you either ignored it or blatantly dismissed it. The Eye of Sauron sees all, my friend.


  • BONUS: Take some time off to ask yourself what the heck you want from your life. Define your goals, both professionally and personally. What constitutes success to you? Whatever the case, just spend some time thinking about it at the very least.


Well, you can’t complain about a lack of options, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, if you are an overachiever, you can choose to do more than one of these things. But if you wanna start lightly, just do one of them, see how it goes, and then move on to the next one

See you, Space Cowboy.