If you don't have time to read books, then maybe you should listen to them

Credit:    Kaboompics

Credit: Kaboompics

No, that's not a typo. You should listen to books if you don't have the time to read them.

I know you all are busy people; hey, life is damn rough and busy the older you get. You have many responsibilities (one of which is to religiously follow my blog, of course) and thus wish you had the time to kick back, unwind, and really immerse your mind into a great book. Alas, you just don't have the time and/or reading takes you too long.

Perhaps, just perhaps, there is a solution to this.



Listening > Reading?

Audible sells audiobooks which, as the name clearly suggests, are simply books narrated in audio format. From what I gather, the unique selling point that Audible hits is the fact that people don't have the time and/or patience to read and, more importantly, that audio is a more immersive and absorbing story experience than reading. I haven't actually tried it yet myself but I anticipate that sometime in the future I will probably give it a shot.

Disclaimer: Audible did not pay me to write this post.

Given this information, the first thing I thought was "hey, this sounds a lot like podcasts: stories told to instead of read by you." This which led me to expect that they probably have not gone as mainstream as podcasts have. I was quite wrong for two reasons. First, the benevolent overlords called Amazon bought Audible in 2008 for a cool $300mil. It helps to be owned by what I expect will eventually become the world's most powerful company. Second, research conducted by Edison Research shows that over 55 million Americans listened to at least one audiobook in 2015 (those numbers have certainly only gone up since then). I suppose this time-poverty issue that mentioned earlier is more serious than I had anticipated.

Coincidentally, the guys at the Art of Charm had a brief but interesting 5-minute discussion about reading books versus listening to them after a fan had e-mailed them to voice her skepticism audiobooks. I highly recommend listening to it (from minute 20 till 25 in the link posted) if you want a down-to-earth opinion on the matter.


Moving with the times

Thanks to the absolute champs at TWiT, you can get a 30-day free trial for Audible if you go to this link and follow the instructions listed (just scroll down a little or CTRL+F+"Audible" to find it).

Heck, why not try it? I don't care if you read or listen to a book, as long as you absorb the information. Good luck!

See you, Space Cowboy.