Ask me anything!

Credit:    Kaboompics

Credit: Kaboompics

Since I do something similar on Quora from time to time, I thought I would extend it and do the same on my personal blog. Hence, I offer you, dear reader, the opportunity to ask me anything. 

You can ask me personal things, my opinions on politics and current events, what I think about the future of technology/work, why I started this blog, or even the solution to a math problem (though I cannot guarantee the quality of the answer). Honestly, nothing is off-limits. Ask me anything!

The reason that I'm so open-the-kimono with this post is because I've posted so many wacky-personal answers on Quora that I've basically waived all rights for "personal space" on the Internet. So if you want to ask me about my sex life, relationship wins and losses (mostly the latter), my opinions on dating/relationships, whether I want to get married and have kids, or anything else, go ahead! Simply fill in the following Google Form:

This form is completely anonymous. Unless I enlist the services of the CIA and/or NSA, there is literally no way for me to know the identity of the person asking the question. So don't worry, I cannot and will not hunt you down. I will answer every question I receive so don't be shy! There is absolutely no deadline for submitting questions. I'll accept and answer questions on a rolling basis. However, when I answer the question I just refer to the person sending the question as "Bob" because it makes for much easier writing. So, everyone is Bob.

Furthermore, in the very, very, very rare occasion that I get a question that happens to be too personal for me to answer, I will post the question in a blog post but I will not answer it. This is mostly for the sake of transparency; sometimes silence is as revealing of an answer as an actual answer in itself. Hence, my non-answer will tell you, dear reader, that I clearly have something to hide.

My favorite questions and answers came in a three-part series which you can find here.

Remember, you can also follow me on Quora (here) where I sometimes post personal-ish answers to random questions.

See you, Space Cowboy.