What my blog will do for you

Look, I know you’re worried about looking like some sucker that reads all that cliché stuff about how you should live life to the fullest because you only live once. You roll your eyes when you see yet another ‘inspirational’ tweet about finding purpose and meaning; it just doesn’t resonate with you. But on the other hand, you realize that these people are probably on to something because when you look honestly at where your life is heading now, things aren’t looking particularly inspiring or exciting. There’s a good chance you also see the occasional Facebook post from a person you vaguely remember from once upon a time saying how awesome his (her) life is, how (s)he just got an amazing job at Apple, went on some amazing trip some exotic location you never knew even existed, or some other discomforting display of how much better their lives are than yours. So while you don’t buy into all that melodramatic #inspiration stuff, you are genuinely concerned that you’re not doing something you actually care about in your life. Worse yet, you (mistakenly) think that you are alone in your struggles with these problems.

I decided to call my blog Cowboy Funk, a reference to one of the best anime series ever made: Cowboy Bebop.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “surely this isn’t another one of those self-help blogs pitying me and telling me to follow my passion and live my life to the fullest?” Well, I sure hope not, because that’s not the aim of Cowboy Funk. Its true aim is to help people that are about to start their careers figure out how to do something meaningful with their lives but in an honest-to-God, actionable manner instead of preaching the usual guilt-tripping, cliché bullshit that we hear all the time. More than anything, I want this to become a community of honest people sharing their stories and struggles and, by doing so, hopefully get closer to doing something cool in their lives. A community of people that share actionable advice with one another about how to move forward in life and not feel so unsatisfied every day. A community of quirky people that don’t cringe when I make movie- or videogame-related jokes or other weird references.

Heck, maybe you’re also someone that still gets emotional thinking about the ending of your favorite videogame, because I know I sure do. Above all, I discuss some of the most important topics that you should be concerned or thinking about as you enter the brave new world of adulthood after university. At least if what I’m saying isn’t useful to you, hopefully you can find like-minded people here that will provide you with useful information and networks.

Otherwise, I guess you can always just talk about that moron that started a blog and called it Cowboy Funk and/or question the point of even having a blog in the first place.


Cowboy Funk? That’s a pretty weird name…

What do you rather have, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters?


So where do i begin?

I suggest starting at the "best of" page to read my favorite blog posts written to date. Also, check out the archives where you can search every article written to date by topic. Also, follow the Cowboy Funk Facebook page and set the settings of it to "see first" in your feed.


You’re pretty young though

Indeed. I was born in 1993, so I guess I’m a tad young. For this reason, I’m aware that people that are significantly older (whatever that means) and further in their careers than I am may not find this blog particularly enlightening. I completely understand and respect that. It’s kinda like going to an introductory science class while having a Ph.D. in Physics – in this case I’m obviously the novice.

So that’s why I’m speaking more towards people in the early stages of their professional careers and/or latter stages of their academic careers; this will be of far more value to them. Nevertheless, I absolutely do not care what age my readers are: all that I care about is that this blog is of value to you and helps you.

Make sure to check out the archives to find all my blog posts written to date! Just click the link at the top or bottom of this page.

Sometimes I write about really deep, serious stuff like mental health, vulnerability, and achieving fulfillment in your life but to balance it all out, I also discuss things like how to deal with e-mail, productivity tips, and interesting podcasts. Why this balance? Well, to paraphrase a wise man's words, I don't want to make you reevaluate the meaning of life every single time you visit my blog. That's probably a bit emotionally tiring so I try to mix the heavy stuff with the lighter, easier-digested material. 

When is this blog not for me?

Great question! This blog is not for you if you don't like very long, thought-out posts about important topics related to your personal development. Heck, if you don't even care about personal development, that's fine, but then this is probably not for you. I avoid all the fluffy, cliché stuff that you'll find on Instagram or other social media and prefer to be more raw and direct. It might sound aggressive or arrogant at times but I think it's necessary to resonate with people.

Just remember that I always do it with the intention of helping you, not to insult you. Furthermore, I often quote videogames and anime that I enjoyed from my childhood (particularly Dragonball Z) in my writing, so if that turns you off you might also not like this blog.

I occasionally use economic theories to make a point but I focus on the general point of the theory instead of the hyper-scientific jargon. Lastly, I obtain a lot of inspiration for my posts from podcasts and blogs and often recommend them as useful material to listen to or read. If you really want to get the full benefit of Cowboy Funk, you absolutely need to start listening to podcasts and reading (good) blogs in general.

Better yet, I constantly stress taking action and getting out of your own head and into the real world; if you're just not willing to do the hard work to improve yourself and your life, then this is not the place for you.

So who are you anyway?

I was born and raised in the Netherlands, in a nice little town called Leiderdorp (read my full profile here). Although my family is Nigerian, I have Dutch nationality so I guess that makes me a mutant. I moved to North Carolina when I was 16, finished high school there, did a year of college, but grew disillusioned with 'That American Life' so I moved back to the Netherlands to do my Bachelor’s degree. After that, I decided it was time to embark on another adventure, this time to the cozy little country of Denmark for university again. Now I'm back in the States again.

You’ll probably figure out my likes and dislikes over the course of reading (or not reading) my blog posts, but here’s a teaser: I’m a passionate football fan (soccer) but I also occasionally watch and enjoy tennis and basketball. I’m an absolutely massive fan of Juventus, so much so that I occasionally write articles for a Juventus fanblog over here along with a few other brilliant writers (if you're curious, I write monthly posts as Chuks A.) I enjoy videogames, movies, and all that fun stuff, but I think we’re reaching the point where this is turning into some cheesy autobiography. Surely you’re not that interested in who I am?

Should you listen to me? Heck, I don’t know, you should do as you like really. Am I some sort of expert in any particular field? Well, like Dan Benjamin from 5by5 once said so eloquently: “I have no credentials except that I’ve made every mistake a man could possibly make.” I haven’t quite done that (yet?), but the sentiment of that statement nicely captures my answer to that question.

 Should I still be reading this stuff?

Well, you’ve gotten this far, so I guess that means you’re at least a little bit interested in what I have to say, which is absolutely brilliant! If you’re interested in more of my ramblings and want to get a free ebook, then subscribe to my e-mail list! I’ll only mail you every once in a while with a new blog post. 

So you really want me to subscribe to your e-mail list, don’t you?

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But seriously though… Cowboy Funk?

Ah c’mon, tell me you don’t think it’s at least a little bit funny. I have to let the man-child within me go free somewhere. Anyway, if you’re really curious about where I got the inspiration for the name, read this.