404 error: I’ve changed domains!

Hi there!

If you’re on this page, it means that you tried to access my website using my old domain name of cowboyfunk.org. While I still own that domain name, I have rebranded my website to make it more connected to my name and identity. Hence, I now use the domain edwardp.me (p is my middle initial for Patrick and .com was already taken because I stupidly procrastinated on buying the domain). I also tweaked a few other things on my website which, long story short, means the following. If you landed on this page because you were looking for an old blog post of mine, all you need to do is this.

What was previously

www.cowboyfunk.org/blog-posts/[insert everything else]

now becomes

www.edwardp.me/blog/[insert everything else].

For example, www.cowboyfunk.org/blog-posts/podcasts/recommend becomes www.edwardp.me/blog/podcasts/recommend on my new domain. So just copy-paste the old link, replace “blog-posts” with “blog”, and change “cowboyfunk.org” to “edwardp.me” That’s all, and this applies to all blog posts.

For all other links

For all other links besides that, just replace “cowboyfunk.org” by “edwardp.me” and leave everything else the same. For example, “www.cowboyfunk.org/useful-stuff” is now “www.edwardp.me/useful-stuff

As long as I pay for (and own) both domains, SquareSpace should automatically redirect most links to my new domain (except the blog posts because I tinkered with that extension after the switch). However, I intend to eventually stop paying for the cowboyfunk.org domain, which is why I want you get used to the new name before I cut the cord.

Thanks for being a fan!

See you, Space Cowboy.